Hecker's Anonmyous

"Something for a 20 year old to get out of bed"-[Sic] 2020

Big 'ol WIP. Gotta focus on the first index and then work my way from there.
Update 5/10/2020: Siblings got into a huge fight on Mother's day and broke three picture frames. It had to be on Mother's day of all things...Sister bothered younger brother and then the older one slammed her into the picture frames. Yeesh it got me so overwhelmed, my sister never seems to learn since she wants the drama. She goes out pestering people until they break and then sits back. I also found this CCS testing website so I don't have to constantly save and bother Neocities. It's called CSSDesk and it works just fine for my needs. There's now a scrolling bar and "Games" actually links somewhere.
Update 5/7/2020: I honestly doubt anyone's going to look at this but I'm planning to try to make top 100 for the mayo verses ketchup splatfest. I don't know if it's feasibly possible but I guess I'll try my hardest. Hopefully I won't end up sick like the last time I pushed myself at splatoon. Will probably do something with the stimulus cheque. Maybe get a medium-sized parrot or my ears pierced, I dunno. Also planning to make a web app to store info for gear rolls. I should probably finish at least half of the site's coding before I start...

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